First blog post.

‘A good beginning, makes a good ending’

This is the start of a fantasy of mine I’ve wanted to live out for a while. The idea of being able to write down my thoughts, ideas and views about everything and anything as a child would have sent me to sleep. Now as an ‘adult’ the idea of writing a blog intimidates me but more importantly thrills me. The intimidation comes from being criticised and mocked for these posts. The excitement comes from the potential of what I can do and create in this corner of the internet. I am finally letting the excitement engulf the intimidation.

A great starting point is to outline what I am going to be writing about on this blog. Well, pretty much everything that I think is worth noting down. This could be my views and outlook on life and certain situations, for example I know at some stage I would like to tackle the issue rejection in life as I feel rejection has the power to stop people in their tracks and in some cases defeat a person. Music also is a large part of my life, with my tastes ranging from the Beatles all the way to Kendrick Lamar. Music will be a feature of these  posts at some point too.  I would also like to talk sport potentially, with Liverpool Football Club being my absolute religion, however as an unfit 18-year-old male who has only played a single season of Sunday league football, I may be slightly out my depth trying  to find the solution for Jürgen and his defensive issues. This blog will hopefully have no boundaries nor a theme and I will try to leave it as organic and honest as possible.

At this point I would like to tell you about myself to give you a little insight to where these posts are coming from. My name, if you haven’t guessed by the name of this blog is Benjamin, I am 18 and come from the small village of Knowle in the West Midlands. I studied at Arden Academy for the most part of my life and at the moment I am studying at Warwick University. My degree is Sociology BA which I do find rather interesting and thought-provoking. The degree stretches a lot further than the stereotype of sociology a lot of including me when I first heard of it had. Instead of learning about how to become a social worker, which I must admit I did think all this degree was worth for to begin with, we learn and discuss about, for example: the implications of policies such as Neo-liberalism and socialism  and its implications on gender, crime, class, age, war, income, happiness and everything else under the sun. The range the degree covers is what enticed me in the first place as it relates to everything you come across in life. Maybe a propaganda post of why you need to study sociology will be coming soon.

Wrapping up this initial post, I left the original factory image on this blog of an astronaut as it summaries the point of the is whole blog. Like space it will be without boundaries and hopefully will have certain posts which twinkle along the way. I will leave you with the final note of positivity – If you’re reading this, I’ve posted this to the internet, which is incredibly intimidating and scary… but I did it and I’m ok. Pushing the boundaries and stepping out your comfort zone is what life is all about. Take charge today and do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Short but sweet.



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